10 Helpful Recruiting Tools for Talent Acquisition

Bringing in the proper people is essential to creating a successful company. Technology is a key factor in simplifying the talent acquisition process in the modern digital era. Talent acquisition teams may locate, evaluate, and hire the best applicants with the use of a variety of recruitment software, which ranges from applicant tracking systems to candidate relationship management solutions.


Proven recruiting tools for talent acquisition teams to consider adding to their tech stacks

Data People

A comprehensive talent analytics tool called Datapeople assists companies in making data-driven hiring decisions. It analyzes vast amounts of applicant data using AI and predictive analytics to provide insights into the qualifications, potential, and fit of each candidate.

Recruiters can forecast future performance, find high achievers, and streamline their hiring process with Datapeople.

Principal attributes of Datapeople:

AI-driven applicant screening

Using predictive analytics to choose talent

Benchmarking performance

Analytics for diversity and inclusion


With the help of the survey and feedback tool Starred, recruiters may get insightful information from candidates. It enables you to design personalized quizzes and surveys to gather input at various phases of the hiring procedure.

Starred helps you build your employer brand, find areas for development, and optimize your recruitment process by gathering candidate feedback.

Principal Elements of Starred:

Personalized candidate questionnaires

Real-time gathering of input

Analytics for candidate experience

Connectivity to widely used application tracking systems

10 Helpful Recruiting Tools for Talent Acquisition

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Recruiters can examine a candidate’s potential for coding by using Codility, a technical assessment tool. It offers a variety of evaluations and coding tasks for different programming languages.

Recruiters can save time and ensure a fair evaluation process by using Codility to objectively evaluate a candidate’s coding skills.

Important Codility Characteristics:

Coding exercises and evaluations

Automated evaluation and scoring

smooth interaction with the current technology stack

Comprehensive analyses and reports on the performance of candidates

Hired Assessments

ired Assessments is an online platform for skills assessments that assists employers in assessing the talents of candidates in various fields. It provides access to a vast collection of already constructed tests created by specialists in the field. Talent acquisition companies can reliably evaluate candidates’ technical expertise, cognitive talents, and problem-solving skills with Hired Assessments.

Crucial Elements of Employed Evaluations:

pre-made evaluations of talents

Personalized tests and coding puzzles

Instantaneous assessment of candidates

Connectivity with widely used ATS systems

10 Helpful Recruiting Tools for Talent Acquisition


Organizations may objectively assess candidates with the use of Criteria, a data-driven assessment platform. It provides a range of pre-employment exams with scientific validation, such as personality, skills, and cognitive aptitude examinations.

Talent acquisition teams can reduce bias in the selection process and make well-informed recruiting decisions based on trustworthy data by utilizing Criteria.

Important Criteria Features:

evaluations supported by science

impartial assessments of candidates

Analytics for diversity and inclusion

API integration for smooth workflow integration


Using psychometric and skills-based tests, Bryq is an AI-powered talent evaluation tool that finds the most qualified applicants for a position. It analyzes a candidate’s attributes and compares them to the job criteria using machine learning algorithms. Recruiters can increase the quality of hiring, decrease unconscious bias, and streamline their screening process with Bryq.

Main attributes of Bryq:

Assessments that are skills-based and psychometric

AI-powered candidate matching

Unconscious prejudice identification

Perspectives on occupational suitability and cultural fit


A technology called BrightHire provides interview intelligence to assist talent acquisition teams in making more informed recruiting decisions. It offers real-time candidate evaluations, interview scorecards, and structured interview techniques.

By using BrightHire, you may get rid of bias during interviews and learn important information about the skills, potential, and cultural fit of candidates.

Principal Elements of BrightHire:

templates for structured interviews

Instantaneous comments and assessment

Analytics and scorecards for interviews

Integration with applicant tracking systems and recruiting tools


A technology called Grayscale makes employee referrals easier and more effective. It streamlines the sourcing process by enabling staff members to recommend possible candidates straight from their professional networks.

Talent acquisition teams may broaden their candidate pool, uncover more qualified candidates, and improve their chances of making high-quality recruits by utilizing the relationships within their current workforce with Grayscale.

Important Grayscale Features

Management of employee referrals

tracking of referrals automatically

Rewards and gamification

Connectivity with widely used ATS systems


Compa is a platform for compensation intelligence that assists businesses in making data-driven wage decisions. It offers pay range recommendations, market insights, and compensation benchmarking based on a variety of variables like industry, geography, and experience.

personnel acquisition teams may guarantee equitable and competitive remuneration packages using Compa in order to draw in and keep top personnel.

Important Compa Features:

Benchmarking salaries

Payroll analysis

Pay range suggestions

Connectivity with ATS and HRIS systems


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